Microsoft Exchange – An Introduction

Mar 29, 2018

You may have heard of, or even use, Microsoft Office 365 products, but do you know what they are capable of?

Over the next few months I will go over the products that are a favorite with many of our customers and the reasons why you may find them invaluable for you too.

Remember, most of the features mentioned in these articles are included in the Business Essentials Package, starting at $6.90 + GST per user a Month.

This month:


Microsoft Exchange Email

This product changes the way you use email. Never again will you have to concern yourself with questions like: What device did I send that email from? Where did I store that contact? Are my emails backed up? Unlike most other forms of email, Exchange Email is a fully synchronised email service – meaning that all your emails, contacts, calendars, folders, etc are synchronised across all your devices. Because of this, everything is stored in the cloud, meaning, it is both accessible anywhere and effectively backed up. Even deleted emails can be retrieved up to 90 days later. Microsoft Exchange is the standard when considering business class professional email, all for as little as $6.90 + GST per full email address, per month (Domain name not included).

Basic Features:

  • 50 GB Mailbox with your domain name
  • Unlimited group email addresses and email alias
  • 1 TB of OneDrive Cloud Storage
  • Company wide Team Site for sharing documents with SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams messaging for connecting your Teams and collaboration
  • Microsoft Planner for teamwork and task management
  • Online versions on Outlook, Word, Excel & PowerPoint

There is much more to Microsoft Exchange than is mentioned here, but why get into the boring details of security and compliance. For more information call us today