Taking cyber security and disaster recovery seriously.

How Tauranga Vets learnt a harsh lesson in cyber security and the steps they have taken to protect themselves for the future.


Client: Tauranga Vets
Location: Tauranga
Industry: Veterinary Services

Project Scope:

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Security
  • Backups
  • Microsoft 365 Mailboxes
  • Cloud Storage
  • Phone System
  • Internet Access
  • New Branch Setup
  • Hardware
  • User Training

Business Backround

Tauranga Vets has a long history of helping keep animals healthy in the Bay of Plenty since the region’s first veterinary service was introduced in the early 1940’s.

They have evolved into a community focused practice that prides itself on providing veterinary care for companion, lifestyle and production animals.

Tauranga Vets cover the whole Bay of Plenty region, with branches in Mt Maunganui, Tauranga, Te Puna, Katikati and Papamoa.

Tauranga Vets pride themselves on their professional approach to their health care and are committed to continuing education so they can offer you and your pet the very best treatments, whether it’s on the farm, lifestyle block or in one of their clinics.


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A cyber-attack is something no business owner wants to go through, but let’s face it, it’s far more common nowadays. Unfortunately, Tauranga Vets experienced this pain when they were subjected to one of these attacks.

Prior to working with VisionLab, their IT system was hacked taking down phone, internet and access to their server for several days. As a business managing four busy branches this was far from ideal. This hack caused significant disruption and data loss, stopping them from being able to do their job and provide care to their furry patients. This event led them to letting their customers and furry friends down and they needed to ensure this didn’t happen again in the future.


After an initial consult to listen to and understand their needs, VisionLab took a deep dive into Tauranga Vets current IT infrastructure. The first task for VisionLab was to develop and implement a cyber security framework which would protect their business from future cyber-attacks, power outages and data loss. A key issue VisionLab highlighted was that the three smaller branches relied heavily on the main Tauranga branch. If Tauranga was down, then they all were.

VisionLab installed a backup and replication solution which backs up the servers every hour to the VisionLab server. It also replicates all servers every 10 minutes which means a maximum of 10 minutes of data loss, also known as the Recovery Point Objective (RPO). Previously the disaster recovery time (recovery time objective/RTO) was up to 2-3 days. With the new security structure, VisionLab have reduced this to around 30 minutes, meaning Tauranga Vets can put their feet up for a half hour and our team would have them back up and running in no time.

VisionLab now runs regular testing to ensure the backup system is working as it should. Testing doesn’t require down time for Tauranga Vets, so it can be performed at any time, without any disruptions to business-as-usual for the Vets.

VisionLab now provides a complete IT solution package for Tauranga Vets including setting up third party software such as medical imaging tools etc.


Tauranga Vets can now work with absolute confidence and assurance that they are as protected as they can be from any nasties in the future.