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 Technology is across every area of your business operations. From answering your phone, to how your emails and data are secured or how you approach cyber security. Your business relies on productivity, so rely on us to be there for you.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based solution for individuals and businesses who require access to email, cloud data storage, office applications, and much more.

Disaster Recovery (Backup Solutions)

Protecting our data from malware, human error or abuse, hardware failure or natural disaster is a concern for all of us. We can offer data back up and disaster recovery solutions to suit your needs.

Antivirus Security Solutions

Antivirus software can prevent, detect and remove software designed to disrupt, damage or gain unauthorised accesses to your computers, such as ransomware and phishing attacks.

Networking & Security

From network security, firewall management, IP communications, preventing and protecting against unauthorised intrusion into business networks is critical to the security of your data.

Hosted & On-Premise Server Solutions

We can provide you with hosted server solutions to suit your needs, or support you with your on-premise enterprise servers.

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SEO & Social Media Campaigns

Improve your rankings on search engines. Our SEO specialists are focused on transparent implementation and delivering useful data driven analytical reports. No need for high SEO integration and development costs.

Hardware Solutions

We offer quality, business-grade hardware for you to purchase when its time to update your existing infrastructure or you require new hardware.

Internet & VOIP Phone Solutions

From ADSL to VDSL, 4G Modems to Optical Fibre (UFB), we can help. We also offer cloud-based PBX solutions, voice-over-internet phones, installation and ongoing technical support.

Website Design & Hosting

Let us translate your business into an original online experience, backed up, hosted and maintained by VisionLab regular security and quality updates.

Software Development

We create, design and deploy software solutions for your unique needs. We will work with you to understand your specific needs to develop a customised solution for your business.

Office Relocation

Do you have an upcoming office relocation? We can help you move your hardware and IT systems to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible for you and your team.

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Cyber Security

With the ever increasing threat of unauthorised access to our data, cyber security protocols should be something we are all giving a high level of attention to. With the recent changes to Privacy legislation in New Zealand, we all have a responsibility to ensure our data is protected.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Trevelyan's Pack & Cool

“They are accessible at all times. When the team starts something, they follow through till the job is done. Nothing gets left, it’s always completed. They have such a strong link into our business, it’s over-arching. They set it up and they are accessible no matter what. Everything is always sorted. It’s just one less thing we have to think about.”

The Daily Cafe

“VisionLab have a great interpersonal approach. We really appreciate their ability to be contacted easily, they always return calls and emails promptly. They are supportive and community focused, we trust they have everything covered on our behalf, so we don’t have to worry.”

Stem Rural Accounting

“VisionLab provide straight-up solid advice. They are solutions focussed, they don’t put up roadblocks, they pull them down. They are always pushing the boundaries with technology; they are early adopters who are always changing and are ahead of the game. They are fully focussed on helping their customers. Nothing ever seems to be a problem.”

Splash Direct

“They are very good at looking after their customers, we have a continual flow of communication with them. They are friendly , responsive and prompt. We are pleased we purchased all of our hardware and software, etc. through VisionLab, because they know everything we have, and this saves time when responding to queries. It’s definitely a worthwhile relationship to have, and we would recommend other businesses to contact VisionLab when reviewing their technology needs.”

EHC Orchard Management

“VisionLab’s response time is great. If you are in a dire situation, they just say ‘righto, don’t worry, we can help’. It’s this level of service that matters. You are already in a stressed situation, and they just calmly take care of it for you. Because of this, they are our sole IT provider. They have a great team; we really feel well looked after by them.”


Countrywide Real Estate

“VisionLab are great to work with, they are always happy to help, quick to respond, and are reliable. It’s good to know they are there when we need them.”

Prescott Trailers

“VisionLab are a one-stop-shop, reliable IT provider. They provide great service, respond promptly, offer good advice and are knowledgeable.”

Think Water Bay of Plenty

“They have great expertise, great people and great service. They have a great reputation, always there if we need them, and we trust their advice. They are adaptable and keep up with changes in their industry. Their communication with us is fantastic and we know they will always put us right.”

Transport Services

“The VisionLab team are for anyone who needs anything to do with computers and tele-communications. They are great to deal with, fast to respond, and get it sorted. We love that they are also happy to deal with third parties on our behalf, so we don’t have to be the go-between messengers. We have them on speed-dial for all of our technology needs!”