Keep your website safe from a possible cyber security attack

May 10, 2021

A strong online presence is important for most businesses.  So, whether it’s a sleek new website you have or a website which has been your online presence for years, security maintenance must be carried out regularly to keep your website safe.  If not properly maintained, it could leave your business vulnerable to a cyber security attack. To reduce the risk of your website being compromised or hacked, VisionLab offers a webhosting maintenance plan, which includes:

  • Protecting your core files, images and databases by adding a security layer which scans your site daily for any issues and blocks repeated failed login attempts to your site from potential hackers.
  • Monitoring your site for any intrusions and security issues and react to them if they occur.
  • Logging into your website monthly to test its functionality and performance.


5 Disadvantages of not keeping your website maintained

VisionLab has seen a recent rise in website owners coming to us for help following scams and phishing attacks, so let’s look at five disadvantages which can occur if you do not prioritise your website’s safety:


  • Website could be suspended.
  • IP address could be blacklisted.
  • Website could be used for malicious activity – scams and phishing attacks.
  • Lost business continuity.
  • Approximately 15-20 hours of labour is invoiced to your business to rectify an exploited website.

Case Study

A client came to VisionLab with a website, designed and developed 9 years ago.  During this time the website had never received security updates. As a result, the site was compromised, Russian hackers got in and changed the administration emails to their address. Any security notifications for the website were going directly to the hacker’s email account and the client was unaware of any issues with the website. Not only was the website exploited, but the hacker was sending out spam from the client’s website for their own advantage. 

To rectify the damage done:  VisionLab spent 15 hours undertaking the previous nine years of security updates for the client.  

Moving forward the client is now at peace that security updates and maintenance are being performed regularly, preventing future cyber-attacks.

To keep up with the current cyber security threats that relate to New Zealand,  visit the CertNZ website. 


We are here to help keep things simple when it comes to protecting your website and your business from malicious cyber attacks.   So talk to us today about website maintenance plans and Disaster Recovery options for your business.