Data Recovery

Dec 12, 2020

Data comes in different forms, and can be text documents, music, videos and photos that you save onto your preferred method of storage, such as:

  • USB sticks.
  • Memory Cards.
  • External Hard Drives.
  • Computer Hard Drives.

To protect your data, we recommend you save your data on three different devices e.g. Cloud Storage, External Hard Drive and Computer Hard Drive.

Below we provide our five top tips on data storage.

  1. If you suspect you have a physical issue with your hard drive stop using it immediately, and contact us.
  2. Recovering your data from a failing hard drive is more likely to be successful, and less expensive than recovering data from a failed hard drive.
  3. Copy your data from the ‘failing’ hard drive onto another device, only if you are sure the process won’t cause the drive to deteriorate. If unsure, contact us.
  4. Be prepared that you may not be able to recover all or any of your data.
  5. Backup your data regularly. Restoring data from a backup has a much higher success rate than restoring data using a data recovery process.

We want you to avoid the pain of losing data, so please talk to us about the best solution for you to have your data backed up in three separate locations.