Happy New Year

Jan 21, 2018

Here at VisionLab we are excited about the year ahead. There is tangible positivity around town, and a feeling of expectation for the year ahead.

We believe there will be general growth around the local area as businesses are asked to deliver even more, to the buoyant Kiwifruit industry.

As we all ramp up for the 2018 Kiwifruit season, it becomes even more important to have efficient and effective ICT (Information & Communication Technology) systems in place.


Things to consider when it comes to your ICT:

  1. What does the future hold for your business?
  2. Is the Hardware you use up to the tasks you require it to do?
  3. Is your data protected from new security holes, ransomware, and hardware failure?


Are you expecting business growth this year?

Are your computer systems and hardware up to the increased workload, or are they already causing you headaches? Technology should make your life easier. If it is slowing you down, maybe it’s time for an upgrade, clean up, or replacement. Click here if you would like someone to come to your place of business and provide advice and guidance on improving your current ICT systems*


Security and Data Protection

It seems almost every week there is a new security issue announced, whether it is ransomware encoding your data and then demanding money to restore it, or vulnerabilities discovered in intel CPUs.

How confident are you that your business can recover from a security breach should the worst-case scenario occur? Or better yet, that you can avoid it all together?

We will be sending out monthly security notices and updating our website Blog regularly to keep you informed, however we recommend having your entire ICT system checked for robustness against potential threats, and completing an analysis of your disaster recovery systems. Enquire here if you would like a complimentary* security and disaster recovery analysis of your entire computer system.


How has VisionLab been preparing for 2018?

Quality, personalised caring support and using business level hardware is what our business is built on. Over the last year VisionLab has:

Welcomed three new experienced service technicians to our team with expertise in:

  • PBX systems.
  • Internet Provisioning.
  • Server Provisioning and Maintenance.
  • Networking.
  • General diagnostics and servicing.
  • Increased our range of services and product offerings.
  • Become Microsoft Education Certified.
  • Deepened our relationships with Microsoft, HP and Toshiba Business Solutions.
  • Steadily improved our internal systems.


Did you know VisionLab provides the following Services and Products:

  • Internet Service Provider.
  • Cloud & Local PBX Phone Systems.
  • Server Management & Monitoring.
  • Networking.
  • Managed Cloud & Local Backups.
  • Monitored Antivirus & Cloud Security Solutions.
  • ICT System Security Analysis.
  • Managed Service Agreements.
  • Office 365 Silver Partner.
    • Exchange Email.
    • SharePoint & OneDrive
    • Office Applications.
    • Microsoft Education Provider.
  • Web Design & Hosting.
  • Business Level Hardware.




*This is a complimentary offer to Te Puke and Tauranga Businesses only. Other business are also welcome to enquire.