Rural Broadband Dedicated to Rural Communities

Jul 30, 2020

VisionLab is now working as an agent with a broadband provider dedicated to servicing rural communities across the Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

So, after determining the broadband service is available at your location, you can choose your 12-month plan:


  • Free Install (when you sign a 12-month contract)
  • $1.00 per GB For extra data
  • $10.00 phone line
  • VisionLab Helpdesk

Plan Options:

  •   150GB                 $ 85.00 per month incl. GST
  •   300GB               $115.00 per month incl. GST
  •   600GB               $145.00 per month incl. GST
  •   Unlimited       $185.00 per month incl. GST 


Your Broadband Installation – The Process

Once you have signed up for rural broadband with us, a technician will be assigned to you for the installation.  Lead times are dependent on the install queue.  You will receive a call to make a date and time for installation.  These details will be confirmed via text as you will need to be at the premises when installation takes place.

 During Installation

When the technician is on-site, they will test the signal quality to any available towers that have a line of sight to your premises.  If the technician finds a strong signal to the tower, they will talk to you about the best location for the wireless receiver on the premises roof, where cables will run and where your router will live.  Once the installation plan is agreed to, the technician will install your broadband connection.

They will set up:

  • An antenna on your roof (CPE), with a roof mount (for the antenna), and
  • A cable from the antenna connecting to the router inside your premises.

 Post Installation

Before your start streaming, the technician will test the service to confirm it is all working.  They will also walk you through the service, so you understand how it all works.

You will also receive a follow-up phone call within three days to confirm the service is still working well for you.