Microsoft are releasing Windows 11

Jun 30, 2021

Latest News:  Microsoft have announced they are rolling out Windows 11, a place to Create, Connect and Play, by the end of 2021

Microsoft introduced the ‘Windows’ operating system in 1985

Throughout this time Windows has stayed familiar but evolved at the same time. 

The creators of  Windows 11 believe this latest operating system feels a lot like home.  By incorporating the way technology has influenced our daily life since the COVID pandemic, they have woven this latest technology into the fabric of our lives to Create, Work, Learn, Play, Produce and Connect.

Below are some of the highlights from Microsoft’s announcement, that we think may be of benefit to you:

  • 40% smaller updates from Microsoft.
  • Graphics are visually softer to look at, to bring calmness to your screen.
  • The most secure Microsoft system to-date.
  • Faster browsing experience on all browser platforms.
  • Snap layouts, lock in more than one webpage on one screen without losing the screen while working on a project.


Windows 11 upgrade

We suggest holding off running the upgrade to Windows 11 for a few weeks after it is first released. This will allow for any bugs Microsoft find to be resolved and therefore, not causing interruptions to your work.

For a more informative look at Windows 11, check out Microsoft.

As always, we are here to support you in using this new technology, so please contact us with any queries you may have.