What is a Ransom attack?

Jul 9, 2021

Ransom Attacks are not built just to target large businesses – if you work online, you are at risk.

By having a clear understanding of what a ransome attack is, you can be proactive with the measures you take to keep your business secure, and avoid loss of income, customer trust and your data.


What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software (malware) that encrypts your files, it stops you from being able to access your files and computer system, unless you agree to the terms of the Hacker. 

An example of a Ransom Attack

A staff member opens an email that looks important and clicks on a link provided.

A message pops up on the staff member’s screen saying the computer system, and all the files in it are locked.

The business is then given a demand and timeframe eg: 72 hours to pay a ransome that unlocks the computer, or they lose their files.

CertNZ recommend you DO NOT pay ransoms

There is no guarantee you will get any files back in a ransom attack and it exposes your business to further attacks if you pay the ransom.

Instead, restore your files from your backup.

    Protect your business from a Ransome Attack by taking the following measures:

    Protect your business from a ransom attack by taking the following measures:


    • Keep your devices updated with the latest software, programs and applications and turn on automatic updates.
    • Use an antivirus and keep it updated.
    • Backup your data and system and monitor your backup.
    • Implement Multi-factor Authentication, use strong passwords and a password manager.
    • Implement internal access controls so access to information is limited to only the staff that require it.
    • Check email sources carefully before opening them.
    • Read emails carefully, checking for mistakes and avoid clicking on links in emails you are unsure about. Educate your staff on this important step.
    • Understand what your critical data is, what you need to be able to access so you can continue with the daily running of the business.
    • Talk to VisionLab about setting and performing backups on all your data regularly.
    • Talk to VisionLab about monitoring activities on your network.
    • Work with VisionLab to build a cyber incident response plan.

      What should you do if you are targeted?


        • Get offline immediately.
        • Contact VisionLab.

      Keep informed on new cyber threats by subscribing to updates with CertNZ. They provide practical guidance on how to keep your business safe and secure online.

      Identifying your business’s critical data, is a major factor in how your business will operate if you no longer have access to it. So, talk to VisionLab today about a backup solution that will work for your business.