Should I save my passwords in browsers that have an in-built password manager

Jun 22, 2021

People often use their browsers to manage passwords for their online accounts as this offers an easy option, rather than remembering a different password for each online account.


While it might be convenient, the drawbacks of using this option are:

  • Your accounts become vulnerable when strangers, family members, friends and visitors have physical access to your computer.
  • If your computer is lost or stolen, access may be gained to all your online accounts and information.
  • If your computer has been remotely hacked, your saved passwords will give hackers access to all your information, including your online accounts.


Learn more about security you can implement yourself by choosing strong passwords or contact VisionLab about setting up a  password manager.

CertNz is also great reference tool, they offer practical information on how to keep your business safe and secure online.