Microsoft SharePoint – An Introduction

Jun 21, 2018

Are you after business quality file sharing with the ability to set individual permission levels. SharePoint is this and much more:

SharePoint is a web-based, cloud file server, collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office 365 for Business. Primarily used as a document management and storage system, SharePoint can be configured to individual business’s needs and used as an internal information platform. Folders can be synchronised to your computer like a mapped shared drive.

SharePoint as a document Management system:

  • Work with documents and files either online from any computer or device, or synchronise folders to your computer for easy access and editing.
  • Set permissions at the Server level to easily manage who has access to which folders.
  • Collaborate on documents at the same time, tracking who made which changes and when
  • Restore old files with file versioning (up to 90 Days into the past)
  • Choose to keep files in the cloud and only download when editing (OneDrive settings)
  • Seamless integration with Office 365 Products (Word, Excel etc)

SharePoint as an internal information platform:

  • Customise your SharePoint Site to look and feel how you would like with your branding and values.
  • Embed news feeds from important sources to keep staff informed
  • Post videos and other important company news straight to the landing page
  • Have links to all your business important sites and contact information all in one place.

And more… get in touch if you would like to discuss if SharePoint is the right solution for your business